against the road

As part of the Scarborough Redevelopment Plan, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) plans to build major roads connecting both the southern and northern ends of The Esplanade with West Coast Hwy, destroying forever more of our fragile coastal environment.

Our sand dunes are unique.  They are the ‘lungs’ of Scarborough Beach. They are the only remaining dunes in Perth that visitors and residents can enjoy, free from the smoke and fumes of highways that frame the remaining coastline.

They are, and will undoubtedly grow, in importance from a tourism viewpoint as visitors increasingly seek the pure enjoyment of the natural environment.

We will fight hard to save our sand dunes.  For today, for tomorrow and for future generations.

We only get one chance.  If you oppose the MRA plan to “pave paradise, put up a parking lot” please sign our online petition today.

Make your voice heard.

For further information, or to volunteer to stop the destruction, please email us at and sign our petition ‘Save the Sand Dunes, Stop the Roads’ at

Save our Dunes Petition Photo

Approximate location of proposed road in South Scarborough, as shown in the original MRA documentation – although we have been advised by a Stirling Councillor that new maps (not released to the public) have the road sited further west (four lanes from the bike path further out into the dunes).